The Beauty of Korean Pottery

Many potteries from all-around the globe has some similar qualities to many other pottery and a few qualities that are singular to the culture in which it was crafted and made.

There is a lot that goes into the creation of pottery pieces from the clay that is molded and shaped to the complexity of carvings, paintings, glazing, and even the firing technique that is used to, basically, make the said pottery piece.

Korean pottery is more often than not classified to be among the most exotic variety of pottery in the world in this day and age. Of course there are people who don’t agree as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, however there is very little doubt that it is one of the most complex designed pottery you will see in the world today.

The Korean pottery this day is created with a combination of olden techniques with modern technology for an awesome and pretty effect. This is also great to use for home decoration. One of the more stylish pieces of Korean pottery on the market this day are made by hand rather than created on a potter’s wheel and so little are crafted using ceramics, mostly relying instead on clay for these pretty pieces of pottery.

A variety of potters will have different techniques of creating their pots. A few may use the wheel while some will not. Remember that a lot of the finer pieces that are always associated with the best of Korean pottery offerings are those that are crafted as stated above.

Korean pottery can be purchased around the world and are largely coveted by people who have an honest interest in acquiring pottery for its fantastic beauty and the type of design, which amalgams a few of the olden traditional design methods that have been passed down through generations from artisans to artisans with the best in new technologies.

Not all Korean pottery is serious business however; there are a whole lot of pieces that are great for people who wants to collect the more exotic, unusual, and whimsical pieces of pottery that can only be found if one knows where to look.

Korean pottery sometimes are formed on whatever the Korean craftsman (or woman) happens to feel at the moment, it depends on how much soul the artisan wants to imbue the creation.

If your whimsy dictates that you want to collect some of the Buddhist designs of Korean pottery, chances are that you can find a pottery store that will have these design techniques in some of their pieces. There are popular artists whose pieces have been for sale before.

The key to collecting is completely whimsical in nature and serve as an awesome reminder that we really should avoid taking our lives and ourselves so seriously all the time. Life is best when we enjoy it.

If you are looking for the best Korean pottery you really should try to find a good supplier of said pottery. There are suppliers that works with different artists of different methods.

Korean pottery is very versatile and pretty that it would be a crying shame to miss out on some of the beauty by putting emphasis on one certain pottery or one basic technique of Korean pottery when there are so many you can choose from.

Nevertheless, what you need to look for when buying pottery is to make sure it is something that falls under the purview of Korean pottery. And of course, a piece (or pieces) that will appeal to your specifications.

The different styles in Korean pottery is quite expansive and you can find everything from pieces that are quite formal to pieces that are very much created for the sake of fun and enjoyment with nary a concern for complexity.

These pieces made from soulful whimsy are actually worth almost the same because they often have an excellent back stories that goes along with them. Look at the variety of collection-I bet you can find something that will appeal to you.

Pottery for Jewelry - An Age Old Secret Revealed

Pottery has numerous uses all around the historical backdrop of the world. One area that is frequently neglected or not generally looked into is using pottery as accessory. Ceramics and stoneware make for some exceptionally wonderful and exquisite bits of adornments and additionally for some fun and extremely crazy but beautiful art as part of your jewelry.

If you are looking for pieces of jewelry for a cherished loved one and you want it to be special; or you simply want something that will spice up your own collection, you may want to consider jewelry that integrates pottery into its mix. This kind of jewelry has been gaining huge recognition. Imagine dirt becoming precious because of exquisite details employed in its creation.  

Though finding pieces of jewelry made of pottery or with mix of pottery is difficult as many gem and jewelry shop do not carry these kind of adornment, many women are becoming open to wearing them. Aside from being unique, jewelry using pottery is easy to make. You can handcraft one yourself or follow some do-it-yourself tutorials. However, if you want it to be exquisitely-made, there are specialists who can create your desired design.  

Some pottery jewelry-maker truly revels on what he or she does and crafts one that is truly breathtaking. Some of these jewelry made of pottery are so beguiling that anyone who is not used to seeing them or who is not an expert on the field will have a hard time telling about the difference with similar jewelry.

Other times, there are gem shops that sell bits of pottery like ceramics or stoneware, that you can use to make a particular accessory or adornment. Creativity-wise, you can mix bits of pottery for your personal use or as an accessory to be given as a gift. Some people would use many as it’s more fun to look at.

There are numerous excellent choices accessible to individuals who wish to buy or create their own particular delightful gems using pottery. The potential outcomes are almost as boundless as there are many different kinds of designs you can imagine. There are jewelry pieces that you can make made out of pottery like pendants or studs. You can also use pottery pieces as charms for bracelets and necklaces.  Additionally, these pieces might even earn you a lot of attention especially if the pieces that you have is made by a master craftsman. Gems is a decoration that numerous ladies revere. Be ready to have a few envious looks as you stroll into any occasion wearing pottery adornments.

On the off chance that you choose to figure out how to make your pottery gems then it is conceivable to have exceptional pieces (unless obviously you choose to make more) that companions, families, and (all the more essentially) foes indistinguishable will turn green over. In time you can culminate your abilities and you will have created an ability that can really make extraordinary endowments for loved ones in the event that you are so slanted. In case you have an ability you can use that ability to make things for those you cherish. Most friends and family will like the time, ability, and consideration that went into making the gems and discover it to be considerably more profitable for those reasons.

Acquiring adornments made of pottery may be somewhat more troublesome in a few ranges than others. The Web makes the prospect a considerable measure more helpful than in times past notwithstanding. Look to well known offering sites that work in refined things as gems made of pottery. In the past, this  is somewhat unheard of, however turning into somewhat more ubiquitous currently.

You ought to likewise look at nearby art shows, gems shops, and pottery shops to check whether they may have some adornments made of pottery that gets your attention. If not then look at nearby flea markets and pottery cons. There’s an astonishing percentage of discoveries you can think of at these sorts of occasions. Excellent adornments is no special case to the extraordinary specialty treats that are accessible at these sorts of conventions the country over. Keep your eyes open and watchful for some delightful pottery pieces that are not just for home decorations. You’ll never realize what you may discover when you are not looking anymore.


Ceramic balloon by Sivan Sternbach

This is fantastic. This reminds me of my childhood days when I made paper mache baloons.
This one is better though. Artistic soul reverberating in that clean white roundness. lnop:

Ceramic balloon by Sivan Sternbach

This is fantastic. This reminds me of my childhood days when I made paper mache baloons.
This one is better though. Artistic soul reverberating in that clean white roundness.


Ceramic balloon by Sivan Sternbach

This is fantastic. This reminds me of my childhood days when I made paper mache baloons.

This one is better though. Artistic soul reverberating in that clean white roundness.

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Dual Natures in Ceramics: Eight Contemporary Artists from Korea / SFO Museum, San Francisco

Now this is what I’m talking about.

Deep soul.

Penetrating art.

Soulful pottery.


Dual Natures in Ceramics: Eight Contemporary Artists from Korea / SFO Museum, San Francisco
May 17, 2014 - February 22, 2015

“In modern art, as everyone knows, the beauty of deformity is very often emphasized, insisted upon. But how different is Korean deformity. The former is produced deliberately, the latter naturally. Korean work is merely the natural result of the artisan’s state of mind, which is free from dualistic man-made rules.”
—Bernard Leach (1887–1979)

Renowned British studio potter Bernard Leach once acknowledged that Korean potters are admired for their naturalism and spontaneity in creating ceramics. Scholars have attempted to define the beauty of Korean ceramics as “artless art” or “unplanned plan.” Indeed, Korean ceramics have been produced by the second nature of matured, skilled hands, sometimes transcending any rules, knowledge, and intentions.

During the twentieth century, Korean artists and theorists grappled with the interplay of modernization and tradition. Some artists looked to the genuine, fresh, and fundamental qualities of Korean potters from the past as inspiration to create more appealing modern concepts. Through Korean ceramics, they have explored a dialogue between the traditional and the contemporary as well as East and West.

The eight artists in this exhibition revive and reinterpret aspects of traditional Korean ceramics in various ways. Yoon Kwang-cho and Lee Kang Hyo discover artistic freedom in Joseon dynasty (1392–1910) buncheong (white-slipped stoneware) ceramics and apply white slip in playful and innovative ways. Buncheong is a distinctive type of Korean ceramic that flourished during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Both artists’ ceramics have the whimsical, rustic, and audacious characteristics of buncheong in addition to contemporary elements. Joseon dynasty whiteware was the main foundation for Kim Yik-yung and Park Young Sook. Park has experimented on the uniquely Korean globular jar, the so-called ‘moon jar,’ while simultaneously exploring other Korean porcelains including a blue-white ware shown in this exhibition. Embracing whitewares’ core traditions, Kim Yik-yung complements innovative surface treatments and explores new types of glaze.

Techniques used in traditional Korean ceramics are another matter for the artists in this exhibition. Roe Kyung Jo is known for his marbled-ware technique (yeollimun). The technique was traditionally used for celadon wares, but Roe applies it to other wares. Onggi, a form of earthenware that predates porcelain production, served various purposes in Korean households. Lee Inchin started his works based on onggi wares but expands the technique using new kinds of glazes and experimenting with their applications.

Koo Bohnchang and Yeesookyung go further in interpreting traditional Korean ceramics. Through photographs and video art (newly created for this exhibition), Koo reveals the organic qualities of Korean ceramics that have been overlooked or disregarded by our bare eyes. Yee utilizes and renders the superfluous aspect in ceramic production. Using abandoned ceramic shards, she translates the original concepts of ceramics into more innovative sculptural works that sometimes puzzle the viewers about the concept of ceramics as art in the twenty-first century.

Although their techniques, methodologies, and approaches are different from each other, these eight artists playfully add complex layers onto the history of Korean ceramics through their own interpretations and expressions. Dual Natures brings fresh perspectives to traditional Korean ceramics and suggests new paths of expression for a new century.

This exhibition is co-organized by the Asian Art Museum and SFO Museum and is curated by Hyonjeong Kim Han, Associate Curator of Korean Art, with assistance from Silvia Hari Chang, and Chihyun Lee at the Asian Art Museum.

Dual Natures in Ceramics is located in Terminal 3, Boarding Area F. The exhibition is located post-security and is only accessible to passengers ticketed for travel through Terminal 3. There is no charge to view the exhibition.

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Measure Your Kid’s Interest In Pottery with Pottery Kits

Pottery is simply one of the most delightful and useful skills to have. It is not just utility but pottery is also an art. If you r kids want to learn pottery, there are other ways they can learn without jumping head first to expensive formal training. There are pottery kits that you can buy to help them learn the basics of pottery making. The best thing about pottery kits is that they are much more affordable than enrolling your kids in pottery class. Not that there is anything wrong with formal lessons. NO, there is nothing wrong with classes.

The reason why I’m pushing for pottery kits is the fact that kids usually lose interest in something after they have done it once or twice. This same situation also applies to pottery. So, gifting them with pottery is of two purpose.

1. To teach them the fundamentals of pottery.
2. To measure the level of their interest in pottery before jumping to formal lessons.

When your kid/s shows a steady level of interest in pottery making, then it is time to wean them away from the pottery kits and start preparing them for pottery classes.

Be aware, though, that pottery kits are good teaching tools to teach basic skills. I’m sure there are advance kits out there today, but the fact that you are not being taught by an instructor one-on-one really prevents these kits from teaching more than the basics. However, since kits are much cheaper than lessons, you can definitely just try it with your kids without much dent to your disposable income. And it is okay to dispose of it in the event that you kid loses interest in pottery.

There are other downsides to these pottery kits. One downside is that you can’t use the end product you make to handle food because the pot you end up with these kits are not watertight. That said, you can use the pots in a pottery kit in very limited ways. This is not a problem for most pottery kit buyers because they see these kits as teaching tools more than anything else.

Pottery kits however are great for family bonding. You can play with the kits with the whole family and mess up your pottery room, if you have one. It is good clean fun with the kids. You’ll be imprinting happy memories with your children that you will surely cherish for years to come.  

Pottery kits can be bought based on price or your skill level. One advantage of kits is that they can be upgraded if you think you need more.

In conclusion, pottery kits are great when used to measure your kid’s interest in pottery making before jumping blindly to pottery classes. Pottery kits are great tools to teach the basics of pottery making. In addition, they can be upgraded to fit your skill level.

Once you do decide to purchase one or two of these pottery kits, bear in mind that you need to do your research by comparing prices online or offline. It is also a good idea to read reviews of these kits just to make sure of their quality.

They Won’t Expect Pottery Gifts

During housewarming or any seasonal occasions, do you think people you care about will expect you to give them pottery? Maybe not, right? That’s because, in most cases, pottery is not even on the list  of most people as a gift idea.

That said, pottery is just as awesome a gift idea as giving your friends or relatives a gift basket. Pottery products are more valuable than mere baskets and they can be used multiple times without much wear and tear.

There are a variety of pottery types that you can buy to gift that person in your life. May they be pasta lovers, lover of Asian culture, coffee lover, or just generally foodies, there is a pottery product that you can give them.

The best thing about pottery sets is the myriad of designs and decorations they have. You can find flower designed pottery, modern designs, heck you can even find pottery with animal prints slapped on them.

For people interested in Japanese culture, there are sake sets, rice bowl sets, and sushi sets that you can give them. These are elegant and classy pieces that they use as decorations, and of course, for eating Japanese food.

These Asian sets are quite lovely and they look so delicate and exquisite if used as decorations.

For people who can’t get enough of the Italian lifestyle, then the pasta set is an incredible gift idea that you can give them. An idea is to fill these pasta pottery sets with pasta, authentic Italian tomato sauce, and spices. This gift can go from the living room to the kitchen in a hurry.

Bakers will also appreciate the baker pottery set where they can get pie plates, mixing bowls, and casserole plates. The baker in your life will truly be grateful. Why? Because you have just made life easier for their hobby. With the baker pottery set, setup is easy, eating is easy, and most of all, cleanup is hella easy.

As you can guess, pottery sets are great for the people in your life who are either newlyweds or moving into a new place. The reason is that pottery is great not just for decoration, but they can also be used in various situations. An example is dining.

But if you want to up your game this is what you should do for that person in your life who loves coffee. Give them a coffee gift “basket”. The basket being made of pottery, of course. You can fill the pottery with gourmet beans or Starbucks beans, whichever they prefer. You can fill the pottery further with mugs made of pottery. The mug can be filled with muffins and other quick eats that should, of course, be in line with the coffee theme.

See, with pottery sets, your gift giving idea has almost an endless possibility. In fact, the only limit here is your imagination. But let us not discount that one of the primary functions of pottery is for decoration. You can find tons of exotic designs out there today. Whether you want to buy online or offline, it’s your choice. Just do your due diligence and make a price comparison so you can save tons of money when you buy. 

Paint Your Very Own Pottery


All over the country everyone is seeing tiny stores popping up all over the place that makes it possible for the individual customers who have zero authentic expertise dealing with ceramics the open door to make wonderful centerpieces with the paintbrush on pottery as opposed to canvas. Establishments like the one talked about are repeatedly appealing with consumers who wish to study the artistry of incredibly good pottery painting without the need of experiencing the methodology of figuring out how to make it themselves.

One thing to keep in mind is the type of pots that you will get with the vast majority of these kinds of instructional classes are ceramics. There’s no real substantial issues with ceramics. But nevertheless you genuinely ought to be aware of what agrees with your taste. These shops offer a touch of different kinds of potteries. There are other stores from which the the normal offerings you will see incorporate clay tiles, teapots, containers, saucers, plates, platters, bowls, chip and dip sets, espresso mugs and other regular things for pottery painting.

Just take a look at these pottery painting shops. It’s a lot of fun and can even develop your artistic talent. Just bring a few green backs because there are so much stuff to do here. Of course, you are not justy paying for the pots that you paint. You are also paying for the studio time and the instructors. But that said, you are essentially creating your own souvenir. But, the more you paint, the more you pay for the pots and services, of course.

There are also pottery shops that mail in your pieces after your painting has dried. But the usual way is to just call you back once your pieces are done. However, I encourage most people to just take advatage of the shipping offer. Sure, it costs more, but your pieces will be safer sent to you by professionals than you yourself travelling with it. It just minimizes any errors during travel. You can even gift these pieces to people.

So, in the case that you make pottery painting your hobby, do sign up for the mail in offer of your shop, just to make sure that your pieces get home safe.

Some of these shops will always have excellent promotions for their clients or prospective customers. The reason for this is that they need repeat customers as much as possible. Sometimes, these shops even give their loyal customers rare pots that they can paint. These are types of pots that are not in the usual offerings. Kinda like a secret menu in Starbucks.

Being in the shop will also put you in a great social situation where you can mingle with like-minded individuals. Imagine just being surrounded by artists of the same caliber as you. It is simply a fountain of creativity and even free advice and tips in some cases.


There are giant shops out there but there are smaller and cozier pottery shops. Most of the time, these shops are also members of prestigious organizations or groups.

There are also pottery shops that you can bring your kids to. I suggst that you seek these shops out just to expose your children to art. Painting will help your kids learn how to develop their art skills and social skills.

If you or your kid are artisitic, or just want to learn how to paint, pottery painting is the best thing that you can do as a family.

Here is the Easy Way to do Container Planting


Now and then, the itch to pot a plant could be stopped by completely different conditions, to illustrate, your living room size or space shrinking due to the pot containers or plastic containers. In cases where you were living in a condominium, you won’t commonly work a full arrangement, only when speaking of the fact that you don’t
truly have a backyard garden!

I truly think that undoubtedly one of the very best answers for this subject is to build up plants in hanging pots. You could suspend each of these, or completely exhibit them on your garden or backyard, window ledge or gallery. Simply showcase several pots, and your over-all lounge will seem much more beautiful and even more delightful than ever.

A pro of developing plants in tiny containers is the fact that it becomes possible to transfer them all-around the place to match your specifications. In case that you revise your living room or office furniture and you assume that it could possibly look more pleasant in the event that it was in the another area, it’s no inconvenience at all to move it over. Provided that the light fittings are about the same, your plant probably would not suffer from the move in anyway. An alternate benefit of the ceramic pots’ versatility is the way in which you may change it to mimic any environment depending upon the sort of soil you fill it with and where you keep it.

In the event that you are seeking to make a awesomely pleasing houseplant, you may adjust the holders to be at distinct heights by suspending them from the roofing or putting them on backings.

Affixing them can enable you to get the most of the space you have. This is known as “vertical cultivating”. In cases when you do it correctly, you can make an exceedingly beautiful potted plants even while keeping an eye on your home or office’s space.

In case that you live in a condominium, you are already aware that it is so vital to save space! One method for vertical planting is the practical application of a wooden step. In the event that went correctly, you can decorate all the plants on it in a fantastic, wonderful ladder like style.

The way to take care of holder plants normally requires somewhat more time, since you will want to water all the more recurrently and go around to every unique holder.

But bear in mind, the square footage for holder plants is substantially tiny as that of a real arrangement, so the time used on maintenance and watering is more acceptable. It is crucial that you never over-water your potted plants, as this could perhaps be as hazardous to their overall health as under-watering.

At the point when picking out containers for your plants, you really need to purchase every one of them at once aside from a handful of extra items just in case they wither or you include a good deal more plants later. You don’t need them to be all the equivalent size and shape, yet undeniably the same exact style so they compliment one another. Plastic containers are the very best and involve the merest measure of watering, but still in the event that you require to stay with earth or earthen pots then you really need to line the inside with plastic. This helps it hold water all the more, as the mud will drench up water.

Something else to you need to note when purchasing pots is the observable way that the size of the pot will likely tighten around that of the plant. Make an estimated determination with regards to pots as you need something that a growing plant can adapt to. In cases where you search out the plant you specified on the web, you have the ability to come up with details in the case of what volume of root space it really needs to be given. Having a good pot can help you on the off chance that you choose a plant that can overdevelop. In any case, when you just have a minimal measure of space for it, you may stunt it by going for a pot that isn’t big enough to hold a developing plant.


That said, if the benefits of container planting sounds fantastic to you, then you should get started on planting your brilliant container garden today. So, if you could have established a routine of watering and planting every last one of the plants you are longing to have, you can do the crucial assessment to learn what size and state of pots you ought to get. Thereafter, it’s just the matter of organising them in a process that would make your home look the most beautiful.

The Best Pots for Indoor Gardening

You have researched and read about the benefits of getting an indoor garden in your backyard and found one of the best plants for your dwelling. Now what do you place it in?

From terra cotta pots to ornamental ceramic ones,
there are lots of decisions obtainable and in numerous sizes.

Not solely do you need to choose a pot that appears good in your home however you want one that’s the greatest fit for your plant too. Here are a certain amount of the pros and perks of indoor gardening.

Greens in our house yields a filter for the oxygen around us. They block allergens, they absorb intense particles, and they equally absorb hydrocarbons.

In combination with defeating harmful toxins in our home, taking care of plants raises our physical and emotional well being. Home plant growing is a significant stress reliever and genuinely diminishes blood pressure. Home plants also amplifies efficiency in the workspace. And finally, houseplants beautifies the home and bestows a relaxing eye candy effect.

Here are more of the benefits you can get from houseplants.

With the exception of all of the positive aspects stated in the previous paragraph, houseplants have supplementary marginal pluses that can give assistance to you.

First, plants are identified to avert colds by about more than 30%. Seeing that they boost humidity and lessens dust.

Second, in door plants akin to aloe vera can help relax skin and help temporarily minimize pain.

Third, houseplants could be employed as humidifiers which may save you dollars from purchasing artificial humidifiers.

Fourth, flowers can help resist blockages. Eucalyptus can alleviate clogging organically. It can clear phlegm successfully and all things considered it is frequently utilised in commercially manufactured cough remedies.

After knowing all that advantages, here are a bit of key points that you will need to understand if you want to have healthier and happier houseplants.

You wish to take a look at the lengthy-time period development anticipated within the plant you might have chosen and use that info to pick an appropriately sized container.

In case you choose a pot that is too small for your full-grown plant, the roots won’t have sufficient room to develop, and the plant will likely become “stunted for certain. It is a rectifiable condition with re-potting, but it might put the plant into a state of unnecessary stress and creates extra work for you. Your plant could look unbalanced at first in a container that’s out of proportion however you will be glad you thought forward because the vegetation continues to grow.

The container you choose wants a form of drainage too. The most typical technique of drainage is one or more holes in the bottom of the pot to let extra water drain out. If you might have chosen a pot that doesn’t have these holes there, you continue to have two choices to put in drainage. You can put your plant in a smaller pot with drainage holes after which place the smaller pot inside the bigger one with no holes. Or place an inch or two of gravel within the bottom of the container before you set your plant in the soil. The gravel will enable the extra water to run by the soil and into the rocks as an alternative of staying within the soil and water-logging the plant.

Whether or not you think in door plants can benefit you or not, you really should appreciate that it is interesting to have houseplants available.


T Bowl Shapes!
For all your tea bowl identification needs

The fine art of Asian pottery and ceramics. beingtowardsauthenticity:

T Bowl Shapes!
For all your tea bowl identification needs

The fine art of Asian pottery and ceramics.


T Bowl Shapes!

For all your tea bowl identification needs

The fine art of Asian pottery and ceramics.

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